What our Customers say...


We had a pipe burst spilling mud and dirt all over our 30,000 sq ft. warehouse. We called SERVPRO and they brought in a full team to clean this enormous disaster. I had no idea this space could be so clean. They removed every spec of dirt and even sanitized it afterwards. SERVPRO was amazing to work with and came in with professionalism and ready to solve the problem. Great job!

Our garage caught fire which was very traumatizing for us especially my wife. Items were destroyed but thankfully everyone was ok. Our insurance recommended SERVPRO to help with restoring the garage and fixing the damage. They came in with so much sincerity and understanding. Their team was really great to work with. Our garage looks good as new. 

I have a few rental properties in the area. I recently had some tenants move out and the condition of the home was unlivable. There was mold in so many locations of the house. I was afraid we would have to burn it down. My friends recommended I call SERVPRO. They were calm and helpful and ready to act quickly. They removed all of the infected items and repaired the walls and floor. I was so impressed with them that I had them make some upgrades to the space so that I could get it ready for another tenant. The new look was clean and looked so good I was also able to raise the price of the rental in order to be competitive with the local market. Even though I don't live local I absolutely know who to call in the case that I need restoration services. 

After the heavy rain our pool overflowed and water seeped into our living room. Luckily we caught the issue fast enough and called SERVPRO of South Rancho Cucamonga. They did not have to rip up our carpet or remove the wall. They were able to suck out all the water in the carpet and dry all the walls. So glad we moved quickly!

We had a sewage leak at our Country Club. The old pipes burst causes raw sewage to spread throughout the cart garage. SERVPRO came out quickly to remove and sanitize the area. They were very helpful. I would call again.

We have been experiencing excessive amount of rain and in the middle of the night we had a leak in the roof. I called the SERVPRO at 1am and they came right out to tarp the roof. They gave me a reasonable estimate and came back that morning to repair any damage. Their team was so helpful. 

A pipe burst in our kitchen. The water flooded into our family room destroying the floor, appliances and floorboards. We went through our insurance and they recommended SERVPRO. They came right out and began working on the problem. Although having my kitchen ripped up and inaccessible was a nightmare they did an amazing job repairing the damage and restored the kitchen to look exactly the way it was before. Amazing!

My yard is like a jungle. Big dogs, trees, dirt and plants. This winter and rain that hit southern California created a huge problem for my home as the rain ended up making its way into my living room. I called SERVPRO of South Rancho Cucamonga, because my had mentioned them specifically. Even though I don't live in Rancho Cucamonga they came right out and saved my living room. They were professional and understanding and immediately fixed the floors and damaged walls. I would absolutely recommend them!

I am a current SERVPRO employee. The reason I feel compelled to write a testimonial is because of the amazing people that I work with and the quality service they provide. I know there are businesses out there that do the bare minimum and don't treat customers with respect. But SERVPRO of South Ranch Cucamonga is by far one of the best companies when it comes to integrity and unity. Each job, each customer is given so much care and understanding during these difficult times. They truly take pride in the work they do and each customer is important. 

I am grateful to be part of such an incredible team. I would not use any other service if I was in need of restoration. 

SERVPRO of South Rancho Cucamonga came to my rescue when I needed quick response from a professional team, their priority was to accommodate our busy schedule and render an outstanding job; special thanks to Barry which made the whole process easy from the beginning by explaining their procedures on each step of the way, great job and I highly recommend them.

Our house flooded from a broken bathroom toilet line, flooded our whole downstairs. Medi & Barry and all of their crew really made it "Like it never even happened." Thanks for all of your help!

These guys are the best. Cordelle and his team went above and beyond the basic required repairs and even offered to help fix another issue. They have multiple skill sets and I highly recommended their work and professionalism. Obviously I hope to never have a leak in the house again, but if I did - Cordelle and his team would be the first ones I call.

The service that we received from the technicians was excellent. They were professional and very knowledgeable in the manner that they handled our situation. We are truly satisfied with their work.

The techician was very helpful. He was able to explain what he was doing and why. he worked with my work schedule. When the mold testers didn't respond to me the technician went out of his way to contact them to contact me.

My dog loves the technicians. We are so thankful for their help in our chaos.

It was a great experience. The technician did an exceptional job and was professional. Thank you for all your hard work. Cordelle followed through to the end.

The Fact that they were flexible and willing to work around my schedule really eliminated a lot of stress in an already very stressful situation.