Recent Before & After Photos

Leaky Roof

The roof of this Rancho Cucamonga home begin to leak after a major rain storm. It caused enough damage that the entire ceiling needed to be removed and complete... READ MORE

Flooded rec. room

After a heavy storm, this local recreation center flooded causing major damage throughout the entire building. Flooring was destroyed and needed to be removed a... READ MORE

Protecting your home

After this water leak our customers were so stressed out. They did not know how they were going to resolve the issue with busy schedules, kids, and other life h... READ MORE

Roof Leak

This roof leak caused noticeable mold damage. The home owners had no idea the leak was so bad but the moisture had gone so long without being fixed that mold be... READ MORE

Moldy Kitchen

We were called to come in and take a look at kitchen with possible mold. After pulling the refrigerator out we saw that there had been a small leak causing mold... READ MORE

Flooding in the kid's room

The roof was leaking and ended up causing a lot of damage in this Rancho Cucamonga home. SERVPRO went in and immediately found the issue in the little girl's ro... READ MORE

Out with the old

This flooded living room in Rancho Cucamonga was the result of a broken pipe. The water damage extended throughout this room and into the flooring. We had to go... READ MORE

Toilet Issues

This office space had a leak in their toilet pipe. Luckily it only water and wasn't contaminated. Regardless, SERVPRO of South Rancho Cucamonga was called and c... READ MORE

Dishwasher fail

These local customers had a leak in their dishwasher. They started the cycle, left their home and returned to a flooded kitchen. SERVPRO of South Rancho Cucamon... READ MORE

Working it out

The local recreation center was hit with a leak that flooded the entire gym and offices. Our SERVPRO team were quick to respond and get to work. All of the floo... READ MORE